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Choosing an ad for your back
covers is easy!

The back covers of your Eye On Money magazines
will feature an ad for your firm. You can choose an
ad from our Ad Library or supply your own ad.
Do the ads differ for the printed and PDF versions?
Yes, they differ in size and color. With printed magazines, your ad occupies about two-thirds of the
page with a mailing area above it and your ad and logo are printed in black ink. With personalized
PDFs, your ad encompasses the entire page and is produced in full color.

Will I receive a proof for review?
Yes, we will email you a proof a few days after we receive your order form.

If I am working with a broker/dealer, do I need to send my proof to their compliance staff for
If you are normally required to have your advertisements reviewed by your broker dealer, then, yes,
please send the proof to them for review once you are satisfied with it. Then let us know whether it has
been approved or whether changes are required.

Can I switch ads from issue to issue?
Yes. To start, all we need to know is which ad you have chosen for your first issue. If you wish to
change your ad for subsequent issues, just let us know by the cut-off date for changes to that issue. A
set-up fee applies each time we create a new ad for you.

Can the back covers of my printed magazines be set up so that I can mail the magazine without an
Yes. We will typeset your return address in the upper left corner of the back cover. If you will be using a
mailing permit imprint, please let us know the wording and we'll have it printed on your magazines. If
we are doing the mailing for you (requires a minimum of 210 addresses per issue), we will use our
mailing permit imprint.

If I use an ad from the Ad Library, can I change
the wording?
Yes. On a printout of your chosen ad, simply cross
out the words you want deleted and write in the
words you want added. Email or fax it to us. We'll
make the changes when we set up your ad.
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